Anis Shivani



Poems from My Tranquil War and Other Poems appear in Times Literary Supplement, Boston Review, Threepenny Review, Iowa Review, Verse, Poetry Northwest, Fiddlehead, Meanjin, Denver Quarterly, Washington Square, Harvard Review, Weber:  The Contemporary West, Harpur Palate, North American Review, Notre Dame Review, Xavier Review, American Literary Review, Yemassee, Subtropics, Interim, Los Angeles Review, First Intensity, Borderlands:  Texas Poetry Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Columbia Poetry Review, Margie, Night Train, Salamander, The Hollins Critic, Seattle Review, Potomac Review, Confrontation, Prism International, So To Speak, Folio, Yalobusha Review, Flyway, Wasafiri, Fulcrum, Fence, Runes, CrossConnect, and Barrow Street.

(forthcoming, New York Quarterly Books, May 2012).

This book, formally inventive and written in a rich diversity of styles, charts the course of empire over the last decade, making crucial connections between the role of the artist and the exigencies of politics, questioning moral choices in a time of social turmoil.


To Derek Walcott

Harold Bloom’s Old Age

Dear President Bush

To Djuna Barnes, on Nightwood


The Abu Ghraib Images

Other Published Poems
unless indicated only available in print

Memsahibs in India” (Confrontation). Online.

“Essential Salvador Dali” (Harpur Palate).

“H. G. Wells Initiates Fiction Writing, Circa 1895, and “To Edward Upward” (Notre Dame Review).

“After the End of Books” and “Elegy for the Bill of Rights” (Harvard Review).

“At the Simla Hill Station” (Fiddlehead).

“On Satyajit Ray’s Aparajito” (The Threepenny Review).

“I Watched Executions Last Night With My Sister” (Iowa Review).

“The War in Iraq Poses Irreducible Problems in Identification” (Subtropics).

“Thomas Eakins’s The Swimming Hole” (Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review).

“To Djuna Barnes, On Nightwood” and “John Ashbery’s Discovered Childhood” (Threepenny Review).

“What the Iranian Woman Wants to Say to Her American Counterpart” (Columbia Poetry Review).

“At the Intersection,” “1941,” and “An Address to Walt Whitman after Reading the 1855 Edition of Leaves of Grass” (Margie: The American Journal of Poetry).

“Twenty-Six Angles of Surmise” (Denver Quarterly).

“Salman Rushdie Detained (and Deported?) by Homeland Security” (Prism International)

“Small-Time Fishing in the Bay of Bengal” and “Propaganda” (Meanjin).

“Normandy A Posteriori” (Barrow Street).

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